Friday, November 17, 2006

Whew! I got everything out by the deadline. I finished up my Fly Me to The Moon ATCs, my Artist's Choice ATCs, and sent out my last international dry soup swap package.

Fly Me to the Moon ATCs
Fly Me to the Moon ATCs

Artist's Choice ATCs
Half of my Artist's Choice ATCs (the other half I did not get pics of before I had to get them sent out)

And I did a few swap items today too. I did all six ATCs for the Black and White swap (going to two different partners) and I made my other Handmade Christmas Gift.

Black and White ATC Swap
Black and White ATCs

Magnets for the Handmade Christmas Gift Swap
My swap partner for ther Handmade Christmas Gift Swap collects fridge magnets, so I made her new ones for her collection. I handpainted them on wooden shapes and glued nice strong magnet discs to the backs, then varnished them. I took the pic before varnishing (as I usually do for things like this) to avoid having to deal with glare from the flash.


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